Brands Hatch: Rounds 4-7


DSC_7286_DxO copyThe Brands Hatch Mini Festival weekend saw William’s true race pace.  Feeling frustrated from testing due to a long investigation over a power issue, race one dawned and William’s optimism rose as he went into the race “I was happy to of finished 9th, better than were I had started!” he stated.  To an outside perspective, finishing 9th in a racing driver’s first season is a good result, however this was just the start of the weekend.  With the power issue fixed, which ended up being a fuel pump issue, William built his confidence again for race two.  Starting in 9th, he immediately felt the difference and was quickly able to make up ground, slowly working his way through the pack.  Pushing the car to its true limits, he ended up claiming his first MINI Challenge podium in second position, although motorsport and its politics can play a nasty hand.  Unfortunately due to contact during the opening of the race, William was disqualified from his second place result, and strip of the race’s points.

Despite dealing with a disqualification, William rose above it, and took the positives as a learning curve, and was able to go into race 3 with a smile on his face and chin held high.  His goal again was to step onto the podium again.  Starting at the back of the grid, using the same method as before, he worked his way through the field, picking off cars one by one and choosing his moments to pass with precise detail.  William proved that race 2 was no ‘one off’ with a fantastic third place finish, achieving his gold of reaching the podium again.

DSC_7478_DxO copy

Phillips sprays Champagne after his first win

The final race of the weekend ended the Mini Festival in the best of ways.  William, still buzzing from the previous race, had a strong chance of making the podium again as he started in fifth.   With a strong start and a positive attitude, he managed to get behind Josh Gollin in second position.  A few laps later he managed to make the pass after a good fight with Gollin driving defensively.  From here, William focused and delivered, pumping in lap after lap and not only winning his first race of the weekend with a 6 second lead (one of the largest margins of the season), but also his first of the season and also to claim ‘Drive of the Day’.  “I’ve had it all this weekend, exclusion, podiums and a win!” he said. “I’ve had the pace all weekend but it just feels amazing to finally get my first win. Hopefully I can go forwards from this and rack up a few more.”


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